Paul Kilgour
Well this is dark and pessimistic! Not a lot of happiness going on here. A snapshot of the world we currently live in. Suffice to say though, filled to the brim with the usual Olivetti soundscapes that we’ve all come to expect. Bravo!
You know, this could be my favourite.

Matthew Diggle
First listen of Zeitgeist: Conny Olivetti’s latest offering. A dark, unsettling, atmospheric piece. Compelling listening. Not sure which sample was more unsettling, Donald J Trump or the crackling Geiger counter…..

Carol Diggle Really enjoying this!

John Roussety

Conny has been sitting on this for a good few months. Recorded back in Jan and Feb, it has just been released to us this weekend.

A more minimal Olivetti in evidence here.
It has many of his usual trademarks – some nice apposite samples and a dystopian vision most notably – but is somewhat sparser in feel than some of his more recent releases.
No fat analogue sounds here. This is a brittle, digital sounding record with all the warmth in it coming from Alec Guinness’ 1960 spoken word Christian Poetry and Prose anthology and from the lovely singing of Linnea on A Place in Time.
It’s an unsettling record. But one that is more likeable than the frankly disturbing Impulsive Thrust. Looking forward to another listen on my journey to work tomorrow.

Huw Roberts

Like all Conny Olivetti releases this new a few plays to ‘make sense’. This is no different. Having listened to it a few times I can happily confirm this is of the usual high standard.

There is indeed a religious theme here. The opening track ‘The Kola Borehole’ is a slow burner and one of his best.
The use of samples work well, although I think they are over dominant and not as subtle as on previous albums.
The cover as ever is wonderful and could be a Joy Division cover (and that’s a compliment).
Stripped back electronic music indeed.
File under atheist rock??!!


Jaak T Arendi

Zeitgeist! Yet another excellent album from the ever working Conny! 🙂

It’s a wee bit darker than usual, but the atmosphere and harmonics are there!
I think this will be my commuting album for a while as it really “accelerates
visions and dreams! 😀
So I’ll give it a 5 out of 5! 😀

I won’t comment on individual tracks as usual as I like to think of the album as a continuous movement, where all tracks have there place in the direction we are shown. 🙂


Jim McManus

The album recovers from that though and a marvellous vocal by Linnea in A Place in Time and the last track A Better Tomorrow are excellent.

Garry Brogden

Conny Olivetti – Zeitgeist

I’ve had the pleasure of living with this for a few weeks. It’s quite a departure for the maestro, occupying a less rhythm oriented approach than his usual impeccable electro-pop, utilising textures, found sound and samples to great affect. The album plays as a whole and not to be skipped, a dystopian disused warehouse or factory on the edge of a futuristic metropolis. The one quantifiable song (“A Place In Time”) sounds like a lament for a lost civilisation caught on a transistor radio.

Excellent work sir.

Fredrik Karl Anders Jonasson