New Pop (another kind of friction)

Stephen Carlson

“Wow! The lad gets better and better. That’s not to say previous haven’t been robust (they have) but this one is a masterpiece – my fave so far!

From the opening track the pace, atmosphere and layered musical texture are stunning. There is no better way to start an album than with the gorgeous layers that sound like Tangerine Dream – Edgar would be proud. The influences are clear (into Cluster) but Conny is able to put his indelible mark on every track that makes the sound his own unique sound. Delightfully seminal.

Forst Revisited is stunning – Ralf & Florian would die for this – just lovely metronomic and sweet as a nut!

Playback in der Fabrik has a stark industrial sound that at times is chilling – very atmospheric and very Faustian. Heavy and scary – well done – you’ve got the balance just right.

Waterfront is a 10 minute epic! Kraftwerk, YMO eat your little hearts out – absolutely stunning! ‘Neon Lights – shimmering Neon Lights’ (and as good!). This is class. Real class. I love the simplicity.

Fragment cluster – is that a pun?! That Faust feel again – just like Playback – stunningly industrial – a great noise and delicate too – a great juxtaposition.

Technic would fit perfectly on Karftwerk’s Radioactivity – not a steal, not a copy but Conny Unique – beautiful! Beautiful! To my ears full of angst and tension – I’m on the edge of my seat for this one!

Common European Rot – I was listening to YMO’s BGM yesterday – this gem reminded me of the feel of that album – I love the spores/entropy reference – everything returns to dust. This track transmits that message.

New Pop – a nod to the titles of Kraftwerk – a delightful track to close a stunning album.

Well done Conny – this for me, is your best – JUST PERFECT!
Robust? Seminal? I think so.

Maarten van Valen
I have been in the company of New Pop for three days now and it has been on repeat. Love the slow groove and loose sequences, the apparent lack of song structure and yet it all sounds so cohesive and the samples add that bit of eccentricity to each song. I am truly hooked though on the final track. Goddamn, I pump up that intro from the start and it just reverberates in my skull! My fave track ever so far from you and the cherry on top of another great album! Many thanks for sharing this with me!

Paul Kilgour

Every 12 months or so, a small, round, plastic, shiny thing pops through my letterbox. Postmarked from deep in the darkest, frozen wilds of Sweden. It purports to be from someone, or something called Conny Olivetti.
But who, or rather what, is Conny Olivetti?
Some say, that he’s not of this world; that he was born with keyboards attached to his fingers; an android in an iPhone body. And that when you cut him he bleeds molten silicon. A man machine, shapeshifting from one dimension to another, receiving energy directly from the nearest passing star. Via bluetooth. It’s been rumoured that he precedes the Big Bang, and that he may be The Creator himself.

All we know is, he’s bloody brilliant!

New Pop (Another Kind Of Friction) hits the kosmisch spot yet again. It may be his best yet. Though define ‘best’? In the Galaxy named Conny Olivetti, ‘best’ is an indefinable term. As is the man himself.

Michael Lee

A little late, but i have finally had some time to properly digest the new cd from Conny Olivetti.
I was , initially a bit perplexed by the New Pop title for this set, as on first listen, it seemed downbeat and anything but poppy. The opening track is bitter sweet, with the Dame musing over future ideas, and a an ominous repeated keyboard motif pulling the piece along. Frost revisited is a very pretty tune, with a wonderful sonic depth to it. Certainly by the time I had played it three times, it was making me smile. The middle section of the albumis very doomy. At times it sounds like soundtrack music from a horror movie. Footsteps in water, and reverberating background noise. Where is this New Pop?
But the whole set is bought back to the surface with the title track. It is more upbeat that what went before , but is still far from toe tapping euro pop I had half expected… Overall this set grows, and sitting in my van in the pouring rain, driving at night on the M25, it made a lot sense, and was a perfect companion to my journey. So much so I played it three times in a row. I do miss a big song on which to hang the instrumental pieces, and Linnea is definitely missed. As a mood piece, I think it works very well, and the tracks all work well as a concept.. As always the cd is beautifully packaged. I imagine it will be get many airings over the winter months, as it is definitely a soundtrack for the half light, and the cold weather.
Thanks again for including on the list.


Simon Hewitt‎
New Pop – I’m running out of superlatives; probably an album or two ago to be honest. This is (yet) another excellent release from a very prolific musician. Long may he continue.

Ian Pope

Another fine album!

Jim McManus
This is getting ridiculous. Does the man ever make a clunker? No he doesn’t. Another quality release. Well Done!

Garry Brogden:
“Excellent electronica with pop overtones from one of our community. The man never turns out a bad album. ”

Dave Buco
The prolific Conny Olivetti strike again with yet another electronic transformational journey. The feel of “New Pop (Another Kind Of Fiction)” is a bit darker than I was expecting. And that’s a good thing. Atmospheric, ambient at times, this is a pure gem of an album. The tree of electronic music grows another strong branch with each Conny Olivetti release. I’ve listened to “New Pop” several times in the past week. As with past Conny Olivetti releases, this will continue to be in heavy rotation. BRAVO!

Bryan Eccleshall
Listening to this now. Well played Conny. Found the head bobbing as I was typing and such. Really like the wiggly keyboard work. It’s got that Tony Banks feel from The Lamb. Like In the Cage, but more but more measured.”

Chris Hora
Another unbelievable album from the maestro…

Jaak T Arendi

I just like to say that New Pop is an absolutely brilliant album!!!