Musik für junge mädchen mit kleine ohren

Dave Buco

 So I’ve been listening to “Musik für junge mädchen mit kleine ohren” for nearly a month now. And I’m truly amazed at this release. For me, this is a great companion piece to “New Pop (Another Kind Of Friction).” These two might have made a great double-CD release. But the wait between the two was well worth it.

There continues to be a dark, atmospheric feel to Conny Olivetti’s music. And that is a good thing. “Musik für junge mädchen mit kleine ohren” is an amazing journey of epic proportions. You shouldn’t pick a song to listen to, or play this on shuffle. It begs to be heard from first track to last in one sitting.

Yet another remarkable release from Conny Olivetti.

John Roussety

Conny’s best yet.
Really hitting the spot with me.
And the video is all sorts of aces.

Gerard Sands

It’s a treat and a trip and it might be anti-Trump (or am I reading that into it?)        Whatever, it’s triumphant and tremendous.

Jim McManus

So, the new album. What is left to be said about this guy Conny Olivetti. I’ve given up waiting on a release that either disappoints or doesn’t meet the high level of his previous releases.

Another robust addition to the canon.
I’m privileged to a fan of his music.


Ian Pope

Not as accessible as some of your earlier albums Conny Olivetti, but I’m sticking with it!


Simon Hewitt

Just listened to “Musik für junge mädchen mit kleine ohren”. I think a couple of months ago, in receipt of “New Pop”, I complained that I was running out of superlatives to describe Conny’s work. Annoyingly, that situation is exacerbated by his latest. It is cohesive and enchanting, a labyrinth of sound and voice to get lost in. Well done! Now take some time off. 🙂


Maarten van Valen

Really dig your new album Musik- it feels like it’s part of a triptych with New Pop and Klangwelt- the difference being that this one feels a bit like 2016 rubbing off- a bit darker and with the smouldering ‘fuck SD’ a bit angrier too. And while New Pop vibrated through the air, Musik lingers a bit- my favorite track being Broken Collar Bone which in setting and mood reminds me of Mea Culpa by Eno/Byrne.


Jaak T Arendi

Well, I’ve now listened to the latest album from Mr Olivetti, Musik für junge Mädchen mit kleine Ohren for several weeks. Is it good? No, not really. It actually is the darn best album so far from the ever working and composing Mr Olivetti! I’ve listened daily, weekdays, weekends, sometimes even nighttime and it REALLY rocks!
It continues to develop the musical language that we heard in New Pop and it’s in a very discreet and elegant way. It keeps the feeling from New Pop but it also is evolving in to something new, exciting! To summarise, in my humble opinion, get the record people!!! You won’t regret it. At all! 🙂

Chris Hora

Jim Thompson
Our Leif has made another cracker , crack of dawn to requiem is a fine treat.
Getting a repeat play.

Paul Kilgour
Darker and moodier. I like. Very robust.  As a whole piece it works really well.

Michael Lee
More from the music machine himself. Conny Olivetti. And it is a cracker.