Magnetism – In Search of the Holy Beat

Jim Thompson / 151014
He is getting better isn’t he ? More adventurous with every release . I spent a lot of time with this album because he has stretched out and began to believe in his ability . Keep up the good work mate , we love you man.
Simon / 150825
I have been listening to this album on and off for several weeks now,
and what is clear is that each new release from Conny is an improvement
over the last; that each feels like a refinement of previous releases.
Your music continues to amaze and delight.
Long may it continue.
Maarten van Valen / 150704

My copy of Magnetism took its time getting down under, but it was well worth the wait.

For starters, it is simply the most elegant album Conny has made. The sonic structures are all very streamlined, mostly downtempo and minimally clad but the tracks still have a richness about them that belies its foundations. That starts with the lovely sequence-touches throughout that don’t get stuck in a repetitive groove but playfully intersect with deft washes of synth and samples. The opening salvo, Magnetism, Magnetic Dance and Magnetic Love (there is no track called Magnetic Fields) have a lovely, loose-limbed feeling, sonically similar to the less frenetic bits out of Kraftwerk’s Tour De France Soundtracks, but still it is uniquely Olivetti- centering most tracks with narrative pieces and wispy vocals courtesy of regular singer Linnea and a slow, almost dub-like percussion-tempo. It’s when the following tracks, Red Passport and Electromagnetism focus more on samples and less on melody that the mood drifts away but when the pace picks up again on side two, with Flow Of Electric Current the sublime highlight, parity is fully restored. Subtitled In Search Of The Holy Beat the total fulfillment of such treasure may not arrive but this album proves that the search itself is better than reaching the destination. Top effort!


A new album by my friend of 15 years – Magnetism – heralds his continuing attempts to give me mental health issues. He works with his musical collaborator, muse and co-conspirator Linnea Strand Jansson to weave his usual magical tapestry, with added emphasis on groove, and a minimalist approach to melodies. Together they are symbiotic, rigid motorik beats with creamy rich vocals layered over them……a cordon bleu recipe!

It is the beat that is important here – and he is searching for the “Holy Beat”.

As usual, his production is crisp, clear and well detailed.
He has found the reverb for his bass drums and he has
turned the dial all the way to “11”!

There is a possible single in here – the track ‘Magnetic Love” has an irresistible pulse, and turned up your whole body vibrates in resonance!

Turn on, tune in and beat it…….in the right way of course!


Simon Hewitt / 150703

Annoyingly, because he is so prolific, this seems
to be the best album Conny has made so far
(and I think I said that about the last one too!).
There feels a conceptual wholeness to it, each piece
seeming to develop the themes of the last, growing out
of it in an almost organic way. I’ve probably listened
to this more than any other 2015 album, it’s terrific.


Jag har så otroligt svårt för trenderna inom elektronisk musik och känner mig rätt så alienerad i sammanhanget.

Mitt i revivals av torftiga genres och hyllande av innehållslöshet dyker dock ett nytt fantastiskt album av Conny Olivetti upp. Det här är vad Kraftwerk borde ha blivit men aldrig blev, utan att en sekund kännas sökt eller plagierat. Snarare mer eget och med mer karaktär än det mesta som görs idag. Intelligent och svängig produktion och samarbetet med den fantastiska sångerskan Linnea är pur perfektion.

Det finns mer bra elektronisk musik som görs idag i vårt land. Kite, Interzone Inc och Lisa & Kroffe t ex, men Olivetti är bland det bästa som överhuvudtaget görs nu.

Folk borde bry sig. Jag är helt golvad. Så sjukt jävla bra på riktigt.

Tack för ordet.


Jaak T Arendi / 150527

So far, absolutely excellent! Very melodic and “smooth”, really enjoying it!Now I’ve listened to the entire album and my reaction is WOW! Smiley smile This has to be the most melodic album I’ve listened to, from Conny and I really, really appreciate it! Almost all songs are “perfect” with a few exceptions but all in all I’d say it’ll get a 9.5 out of 10 from me!
Stort tack till Conny Olivetti, som återigen har skapat en ljudvärld med karaktär där intresset är på topp från början till slut


John Roussety / 150527

I’m enjoying this one.

Seems a little sparser than usual – and posssibly a bit more melodic
Excellent stuff as always
2nd play now
Just noticed I got an acknowledgement inside.
Thank YOU Conny – It is always a pleasure to receive new work from you


Michael Lee / 150607

Very chilled out. Another triumph I would say. I especially like the treatment of the Vietnamese Passport piece. The sound is fantastic, some deep bass right there!!!


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