Impulsive Thrust ( from a Closed Radio Frequency)

Paul Kilgour
Fab! Another masterpiece! It is dark, moody and ambient. Lovely!

Simon Hewitt
Listening to Conny Olivetti’s album “Impulsive Thrust (From a Closed Radio Frequency)” under proper conditions. In daylight, through decent speakers, at a responsible volume. The joys of redundancy eh

Anyhoo, I can only encourage you to get hold of a copy if you haven’t already. It’s available on Bandcamp (…/impulsive-thrust-from-…).

Inspired by the “Tunguska event” that occurred near the Stony Tunguska River, in Yeniseysk Governorate (now Krasnoyarsk Krai), Russia, on the morning of 30 June 1908, the album is a sequence of ambient electronic pieces with found voices, although it plays in many respects as a single continuous piece.

It is, quite frankly, annoying that Conny Olivetti is able to turn out so regularly albums of terrific electronic music. This album is filmic and engrossing, and as I said above, well worth investigating.


Tony Fitzgerald
I really enjoyed Impulsive Thrust. I’ve listened to it three times since Tuesday, and I think it’s an artistic peak, maybe my favorite Olivetti yet. Parts of it are genuinely eerie, just like the Tunguska event itself. I absolutely endorse your suggestion to listen to the whole album as a piece. It builds and flows amazingly well. Tracks 10-13 are outstanding- it’s a great climax and conclusion. I am obsessed “Lake Cheko” which is a damn monolith of sound, a real achievement. I always enjoy your more ambient and abstract work, and this album has a lot going on. Although there are no big beats, it just propels itself forward. Amazing piece as a whole, especially that end section.

Anyhow, beautiful package too…. excellent cover. Well done all around, sir.

Marakas Combustion
Its a beautifully produced soundtrack to a historical event in Russia. The music is cold and chilling, and is perfectly framed by the witness accounts who’s recorded voices are entwined with the music. The music itself would serve a Soundtrack film of an apocalyptic nature beautifully, being both visual in nature and having a first class production by Mr Olivetti.

Chris Hora
Superb! This might be your finest work. Dark. Foreboding. Thought provoking stuff.
Will go good with bourbon!

Michael Lee
This one is a full turn around from ADKOP. This one grinds and winds, it creaks and wends its way through some pretty bleak landscapes. It puts me in mind of a David Lynch soundtrack. Very evocative. As always it is beautifully produced and conceived. I’ll give a couple more plays and see if I can eek some melodies out of it. But I am happy with the dark ambiance.Great to have some background too mull over whilst listening too. great stuff.

Bronagh McAtasney
Oh my goodness it is amazing. I have been playing it nonstop and
now I’m obsessed with Tunguska. I really love it.

Garry Brogden
Privileged to have this pre-release from our chum Conny Olivetti. I’ve played it twice already because it is magnificent. A bit more dark ambient than his recent releases, it flows beautifully and seamlessly and gradually unwinds a real journey. Bravo sir!

Jim McManus
so first listen. he’s done it again. yet another fantastic release. very doomy at times. hints of The Sorcerer at times. well done yet again

Bryan Eccleshall
I think it’s your best, Conny. I love the moodiness and the snippets of dialogue. Top link it to the event that inspired is, there’s a seductive, but worrying mystery about the work. I’ve just finished reading Boris and Arkady Sturgatsky’s ‘Roadside Picnic’ (the book that inspired Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’) and this works as a soundtrack to that, too.

Jim Thompson
Currently playing the new magnum opus from our friend Conny , great use of samples , needs to be played in full. It really builds to a quite lovely ending. It
is darker than earlier works (I like it when he goes all moody).
I was still enjoying the last release , more of this style please Leif.
It arrived Saturday and I played it twice through the hi-fi , came alive more
when I listened to it via headphones on Sunday night.

John Roussety

The latest waxing from Conny Olivetti.

This is dark. Brooding, menacing, portentous.
His last one, Musik für junge mädchen mit kleine ohren,was an altogether “easier” listen. Bursting with big tunes and grooves like a Daft Punk record. Here, we delve into an ambient soundscape with no discernible (at first listen anyway) melodies.
I’m enjoying it, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it a bit unsettling..

Gerard Sands‎
Impulsive Thrust by Conny Olivetti. It’s deep.

Carol Diggle
I love it

Matthew Diggle
Playing now through the big speakers. A splendid listen

John Steel
Listening now. Dark, dark,dark. In a good way.

Maarten van Valen
Very claustrophobic album! I remember the X-Files episodes around Tunguska where Mulder and Scully were chasing Alex Krycek and the eerie atmospheres thrown up by the music, in combination with the tense and dark surroundings. This music could easily have been supplanting that. Love the samples in this, giving it that earthy feel.