Ley Lines

release date 120430



One thought on “Ley Lines

  1. Robert Frampton-Fell says:

    Well thanks, once again, for the CD Conny. As usual you have created a piece of music which is of interest and one demanding attention and of course the standard of musicianship goes without saying. Last time I found it hard to give a review because Edgeland, although I could appreciate the level of musicianship and composition just wasn’t my sort of music. If anything this new piece I find even more difficult because it takes me even further into unfamiliar territory relevant to the kind of music I normally listen to and enjoy, so please take any comment with a pinch of salt.

    I liked Linnea’s voice, sounded to me a little like a cross between Kate Bush and Beth Gibbons and had a haunting, dislocated and disconnected quality about it – this was a highlight for me and certainly added a hugely positive touch to the music. However, the repetitious bass thump, ‘underwater’ type gurgling sound effects and other effects were of interest for a while but gradually waned as I began to lose interest – too much of too much for me I’m afraid.

    It’s probably best that I don’t write anymore because, as I mentioned earlier, I am not really one to comment as I couldn’t do what you do. I applaud your motivation, desire, musical skill and creativity, even though I might not really appreciate what it is you produce. I wish you well and urge you to continue on your creative exploration.

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