as Conny been working for fRa-film since the early 1980’s,
there is a lot of music that got together as albums or such.
But we choose to go for the albums that you see in the list below.

One could say that moToRiK is the first real album from Conny Olivetti.

discography in pictures

Fading Memories

2007 (originally from 1994)


 moToRiK / 2009

 Interference 2009 / 2010

  Treibholz / 2010

 Attention Span Zero / 2010

  Stratagems / 2011

 Edgeland / 2011

 Ley Lines / 2012

 Lumino / 2012

probing cover copy Probing The Sonic Heritage / 2013

eleven mini eleVen / 2014

mag new version copymini Magnetism / 2015

klangwelt_jta_cmyk-copy Klangwelt / 2016

new-pop_11043189-1f949a-digipak_4pages_1disc-1cmyk-copy New Pop (another kind of friction) / 2016

musik-fur-junge-ma%cc%88dchen Musik für junge mädchen mit kleine ohren / 2016

Discography with track lists (177 tracks/songs)

Skärmklipp 2017-03-22 08.15.36


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