the future?

The future of physical releases from Conny Olivetti is not secured at the moment.

So far the idea behind the group ”the faithful few” has been a success.

The idea is that you get a physical copy of every new album
from Olivetti in return for some feedback.

Thats all! Very simple and for me it has worked out fine,
the feedback makes up for the cost so to speak.

Have no problem with the cost for physical copies as long as I get feedback.
So far it’s been approximate 90% that delivered feedback.

But now, it’s alarmingly low!
The group consist of 30 people, most of them from BCB.

Since the release of the new album eleVen, only 9 have delivered feedback.
9 out of 30!

Not good at all. 

I have full respect that people have a life, other things to do and so on….

So this is not so much a complaint about the situation, more like stating the fact,
that it’s not working any more.

Not sure how many I reach by writing here, but it’s a start.

So, thanks for everything so far, it’s been a blast.
But right now I don’t have the motivation to go on any more.

Sure, I will produce sound, but the urge to get it out there,
is for the moment lost.

Conny Olivetti