getting closer

Well, time for a few words about the new album. Its been in production since the last one, no surprice there, but for a while I struggled with the tracks. They were to close to Edgeland in structure and feeling, but now the puzzle is getting sorted and the edgy tracks are sorted out to give place for something new. Well, not new as such, you will still get the Olivetti feeling over the production and so, but there is more melodie, and a nice laid back feeling to the whole album. Im really pleased with it. At the moment you also get two tracks with vox provided by the very talented Linnea. Its to early to start talking about release date but maybe we can have something out in march or so. We are planning to shoot video for the Linnea tracks and want them finished in time for the release. The title is Obsession, wich loosely refers to subjects that are an obsession for me.
edit / at the moment the album is called Ley Lines!

Tracklist so far
Ley Lines
Lumino Anna Eyes
A Feeling Of Wellbeing
Attention & Affection
Native Tundra Biomass
A Predicament For Miss King
Debbie McGee In A Box
Walk Of Life


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