Edgeland on its way!

Edgeland is slowly going through the postal system! Should arrive in a mail box
if you are a member of “the faithful few”, if everything goes ok!

Please confirm arrival of CD so I can calculate the possible need for “a second try” ! 🙂


One thought on “Edgeland on its way!

  1. Robert Frampton-Fell says:

    After only one listen, so far, one can detect suggestions of Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Can and, dare I mention, Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come, (‘Creep/Creation’ on Galactic Zoo Dossier)? All these could be described as possible influences on this new music by Conny.

    We’re presented throughout Edgeland with quirky weird sounds, kitchen sink noises, (reminiscent of some of the sounds on Ummagumma or was it Atom Heart Mother?), strong, deep pulsating rhythms and distant, ghostly, detached voices. At times, Edgeland appears chilling and eerie, at others chaotic and harrowing, nevertheless, the music constantly demands and captivates attention, commanding interest from start to finish until, finally, there is a release.

    As usual Conny gives us something to think about and, although I’m not a huge fan of electronic music, one can easily determine compositional strengths and acknowledge the ability and skill of the fine musicianship throughout the piece. So, another quality piece from Conny – I enjoyed it and would recommend it to lovers of the genre. Well done Conny.

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