whats going on?

just an update about what’s going on
and when and why and by who and so on.

the album Attention Span Zero is just about ready for release.
all the basic tracks are done, track order are in order.
mental state is ok, well almost.

some info about the album

the songs are organized into one long suite,
but divided in nine tracks on the CD.
if you rip the disc to your computer, make sure there is no gap between the tracks, as they segue into each other.
you can listen to them track by track, but that means your own attention span is
down to zero,
so why not try it as a suite
Pretentious, Moi?
oh yeah! 🙂

so why dont we send it out you might ask your self?
well, at the moment we are waiting for some vocal
contribution from Linnea
and some guitar bits from Pål
then we are ready

hopefully this will happen within a month


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